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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some Bling in your Basket

 Here is a quick and easy project, that will add sparkle to any little girl's basket.

 I picked up these white (rather boring) shoes at my local Walmart. Grabbed some Mrs.Glue for glitter and more and of course the final ingredient, Glitter.
I applied a generous amount of glue to the shoe.
I found myself a helpful 3 year old and let her sprinkle her little heart out. Once the glue is completely covered, shake off any excess. I did a couple of layers of glitter, letting the glue dry in between and brushing off any loose glitter before starting the next layer.

Of course we couldn't wait for Easter!!
Here are some projects that I am hoping will make it into our Easter baskets.

For Marcus-slotted building blocks found here.
For Maria-sock bunny found here.

Happy Glittering!(is that a word?)