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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finding My Inner Frugalista

I'm so glad that being frugal is en vogue now (thanks, economy, for totally tanking!) and that you can call yourself a "frugalista" instead of a "cheapo". Pinching pennies and finding bargains does come naturally to some people but others need some encouragement. I think I'm a bit of both. Lately I've been trying to get back in touch with my inner frugalista in a few different ways.

1. I check out books, movies and CDs from the library instead of paying to buy or rent them.

2. I make nearly all our meals at home.

3. I'm trying to get back into clipping coupons. MoneySavingMom has lots of tips on how to find all sorts of deals and how to be savvy about couponing.

4. I have a rain barrel.

Today, though, I'm really geeking out about this:

I know it's not the most radical of money saving ideas but I've wanted a clothesline for so long now and using it today makes me feel so happy. Usually I do our laundry at night so it's a little cooler when I run the dryer but I love that I can get this least favorite chore of mine done during the day.

I'm outside and, on days like today, get to enjoy a bit of sunshine and a nice breeze. You can see that my little pumpkin pie was out to help, too (as were the very curious chickens!)

Sorry about the nerdy post about a clothesline, but I really am excited about it.

How are you frugal? Any tips to share?