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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Guess What

 I made Maria another dress. I know big surprise.

I will get the basics of the dress out of the way and then I hope you are ready for a long post of Maria pictures. I got a little carried away and ended up doing an entire photo shoot.

I used a tutorial by Vanessa at V and Co. Another great blog to get lost in.
I purchased this skirt for $1.50 at my local consignment store. I am very lucky to have a clean and well managed second hand store near by. They are very selective about what they will sell, this saves me from having to watch for stains and holes when shopping. They also keep their stock rotated by having some great sales. Once a month, they open their loft for one week and all the old stock get sold for 99 cents. I mark my calendar and go every month.

Using a skirt with a zipper, made this dress easy to size.

I used the extra fabric from the lining to make this flower. I used my sewing machine to attach it and added the button by hand.

Our yard is full of what we call helicopters. They are seeds from a tree and when you throw them in the air, they spin as they fall, like a helicopter.
Watching my kids collect as many as they could in their hands before they launched them into the air, brought back memories of doing the same as a child. It was always  fun to stand under the falling "helicopters"as they all spiraled to the ground around me. It is funny how a memory like this seems insignificant until you experience it again with your  own children.
This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the bunch. It gives me a warm, fuzzy, summer is coming feeling.
I warned you, I took a lot of pictures.

Marcus was sick from school. Doesn't he look terrible? Funny how fresh air cures an upset stomach.

Thanks for putting up with all my pics.

Happy Photographing!