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Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

You Pick

 I took these pictures of the kiddos recently and am trying to decide on a couple for my Holiday Cards. We have not been able to coordinate a family photo or even one with both kids yet. Hopefully I will fit those in before it is too late. Let me know your favs.
Number 1

Number 2

Number 3
Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7
One of my favorites!

Number 8

Number 9

Number 10

Number 11

Number 12

Number 13
Another one of my favorites.

Number 14

Number 15

Happy Picking!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

NO- I didn't fall off the edge of the earth!

O.K. so I took a little break from posting, sometimes it is just needed. There was no real reason for the break, I was just living life without my computer on my lap everyday. I was still sewing and creating. I caught up on some needed fall cleaning and spent a lot of time outside with the kiddos. Those of you who live in the Midwest, will probably agree that fall is too short to not take advantage of the gorgeous weather before winter comes.

So,  here is one project I finished while I was away.
I got this skirt idea from my friend Shannon. My mom has been wanting me to make her one for about 5 months now. I finally got it done. My inspiration came from...
this Guy.

 This is my youngest brother Sam. Sam left us on January 1st, 2009. My mom always says that one of her fears is that people will forget Sam and how he was so full of love for everything. This inspired me to make her a skirt that was full of memories of Sam and things he loved.
One of Sam's favorite candies.
Sam love spending the day with friends at the Down Syndrome Society's  Buddy Walk each year.
Sam had a love for all things Disney, especially the villains. Captain Hook was by far one of his favorites. We took many trips with Sam to Disney World and I can still hear him saying "HOOK!" all around the park waiting to meet his favorite villain. And cheering when he appeared at the show in front of the castle.
I think the hearts represent Sam the best. He had so many problems with his heart throughout his life and had to endure multiple open heart surgeries. He also had the biggest heart of anyone I know. He truly loved everyone. Go figure- unhealthy heart, but full of love.
Sam always enjoyed golfing with my parents and friends. He had even perfected his Happy Gilmore Drive, it was pretty cute to watch. I loved making this skirt, and hope it gives my mom the opportunity to share some great memories when she wears it.

Happy Memories!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

This Moment::Harmony

Inspired by Amanda


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gettin' Girly, Y'all

Ruffles are all the craze in the refashioning world. I suppose I'm a little slow to jump onto this craze because I don't have a daughter and because I'm not much of a girly girl myself. The other day I was cleaning out my closet and found a couple sweaters and tops to add to my (ever growing) pile of things to refashion. When I looked around the net to find some inspiration I kept coming across tutorials for adding ruffles to stuff. Spruce up your cardigan with ruffles! Spice up your tank with ruffles! Girly up your top with some ruffles! Alright already, I'll try it.

I took this top....

(which is actually a nice shade of lavender)

that I haven't worn in over a year

and used this tutorial from Tea Rose Home

and some dark purple cotton jersey I had on hand

and made this....

Here's a slightly blurry close-up of the RUFFLES!!

This project was much more fun that I thought it would be. I like the wonky ruffles, the slight color contrast and really love that I have a "new" top, one that I'll wear more often than once every 18 months.

The chickens and dog are totally unimpressed by the ruffles. Oh well.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A lot of first.

We have been very busy since we returned from our visit with Megan. I hope to post more pictures soon, but for now a few "first" will have to do.

My Blue M&M had his first football game, which meant my Green M&M needed something to wear. I know some moms get nervous on the day of a game, wondering how their child may do. Not me, I just want a good picture of them looking cute in their uniforms. Just kidding-sort of !

I do think he does look pretty cute. Now because they won't let me make any alterations to his uniform, (Silly rules-what would a couple of appliques hurt? ) I made a dress for my Green M&M to wear. 

Using my LBB pattern I combined some old team shirts a friend of mine had given me. She has 3 boys that have participated in many sports and were willing to part with a few of their old t-shirts.

I have been experimenting with a different collar then the pattern calls for. With fall settling in here, it is nice to have a thicker collar. I think I had 3 mom's ask me to make one for their daughters. Looks like I better round up some more shirts.

Miss Green M&M had her first day of school.

She was very excited to start school.
She also had her first dance class.

I was excited for this. Once again, it is not about how well she does, but how darn cute she looks in her leotard. So there you have our big week of first.
Any first you would like to share?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finding My Inner Frugalista

I'm so glad that being frugal is en vogue now (thanks, economy, for totally tanking!) and that you can call yourself a "frugalista" instead of a "cheapo". Pinching pennies and finding bargains does come naturally to some people but others need some encouragement. I think I'm a bit of both. Lately I've been trying to get back in touch with my inner frugalista in a few different ways.

1. I check out books, movies and CDs from the library instead of paying to buy or rent them.

2. I make nearly all our meals at home.

3. I'm trying to get back into clipping coupons. MoneySavingMom has lots of tips on how to find all sorts of deals and how to be savvy about couponing.

4. I have a rain barrel.

Today, though, I'm really geeking out about this:

I know it's not the most radical of money saving ideas but I've wanted a clothesline for so long now and using it today makes me feel so happy. Usually I do our laundry at night so it's a little cooler when I run the dryer but I love that I can get this least favorite chore of mine done during the day.

I'm outside and, on days like today, get to enjoy a bit of sunshine and a nice breeze. You can see that my little pumpkin pie was out to help, too (as were the very curious chickens!)

Sorry about the nerdy post about a clothesline, but I really am excited about it.

How are you frugal? Any tips to share?


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Super Heroes

My super heroes and I made it to Megan's! Here are some pics from our trip so far.
Did someone turn on the wind machine?

First stop the beach.

I don't know who had more fun, Grandma or Green M&M.
Megan is such a great hostess that we usually don't want to leave. I gave her a clutch I made as a thank you for showing us such a good time. I used this tutorial by Lex. I had found these vintage quilt squares at an antique store and was waiting for the right project. I love how it turned out.
We are trying to get the kids to sleep, so we can enjoy some wine and sewing. Hope I have some goodies to post tomorrow.

Happy Vacation!

Friday, September 3, 2010

On the Road Again

I am leaving tomorrow morning with the kiddos to visit the other half of this blog. I love chatting with Megan on line and the phone, but there is nothing better then spending an entire week together.
Before I go, I have to show you some things I found today.

I found all of these at a garage sale. I am a sucker for dishes and vintage pottery. I got all 5 of these pieces for $37. I am not sure if they are authentic depression glass, but I think they may be. I don't really know how to tell the difference. (if any knows anything about these let me know) I just love how it is almost like polka dots on the glass. You know how I love my dots.
Happy Travels!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Heart N.Y.

One of my best friends just had her second baby last week. Her older son in going to be 2 next month. Now, I know a  lot of mother's choose to have their children close together for a good reason, I am not one of those mothers. I think mothers who have children this close in age, are crazy  braver then me.
 We could not wait to get our hands on the little guy. Here he is with my Green M&M. She could not get enough. Being around new babies does put me in the mood to have one, then I go home to my children (who are 5 years apart on purpose) fighting over who gets to turn off the t.v., the mood quickly goes away. So when I say women who have kids close together are braver then me, I mean it. My friend Casey has decided to prove it. She is leaving for New York on Thursday. Why ? Because both her and her husband are originally from there. Let me break this down for you.

Cesarean on Thursday
Released from the hospital on Sunday
Packing and taking care of newborn and 2yr Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Drive to New York (with 1week old, 2 yr. old , 2 dogs and a husband) on Thursday
Did I mention-We Live In Illinois!!!
See what I mean by Crazy Brave.

 I picked up a couple of t-shirts at Goodwill, and made the boys matching hats for the trip.
My friend Shannon showed me a version of these hats. I changed it up a little bit and ended up with these.
Seriously, does it get any cuter?

Now, if only they would stay like this forever.
Happy Babies!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aiden's Not-A-Box

A few weeks ago while we were visiting our library Aiden came across these wonderful books by Antoinette Portis called 'Not a Stick' and 'Not a Box'. Each story is about exciting and imaginative things you can do or make with ordinary objects. Aiden laughed and laughed when we first read them. Here's an animation of his favorite:

The books have also piqued his imagination. So much so that the other day he asked if he could have his own 'not-a-box.'
Well, of course you can, kiddo!!

So I took a box from work and he directed us on how to decorate it.

We painted it red

cut out some spacey sort of shapes

taped them on

and voila

A Rocket Ship Not-A-Box!

He and Polar Bear landed on Toy Planet where they found a huge bucket of cars.
Hope your summer adventures are just as exciting!