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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Subtract one and add two...

..projects to my  list.
I finished one item this weekend, and gained two more. I made a baby gown for Casey. If I was smart, I would have finished something with an earlier deadline. Casey is not due until September and I have several things that I need to make before the end of July. Oh well, I was inspired by this Beetles T-shirt I found on clearance, and I had to go with the inspiration.
Casey loves the Beetles and requested some gowns for the baby. I think she will love this.

Now Casey, I am only posting this because you know I could never have saved it for September. Keeping surprises is something I am not so good at.
Here is another pic, I love the striped sleeves. I cannot wait to see this on the baby.
I will cross that off my list and add the curtains for my grandma and dress requested by my aunt (for her granddaughter). Sleep is so overrated.

The kiddos and I went to our family reunion today. Here are a few photos I had to share.
Unfortunately for the little ones, it rained. Miss Louisa (my cousin Laura's daughter) was so sweet playing in the puddles, until...
my kiddos gave her a lesson on puddle play.
I think her laughter was worth getting her new (handmade by Laura) dress all wet.
Louisa soon got the hang of it.
A little rain isn't going to ruin our party!!
Happy Splashing!

Picking Some Summer Fun!

It seem like my list of things to sew keeps getting longer, and all I want to do is enjoy the sunshine and summer with the kiddos. I have decided that I am going to write my list down, and hopefully seeing it on paper will help me get motivated to finish all the projects in my head.
Here is my to do list

Baby gift for Casey-she is due in September (plenty of time left)
Birthday  gifts for Caitlyn-July (still got time)
Baby gift for Baby Gia and Birthday gifts for Dax and Petra -coming to visit in July
Dresses for Jersee and Jayla -their mom gave me fabric and asked me to come up with something (starting this tomorrow)
Fix zipper on Jenny's bag - should have done this already
Baby gift for  Reid- born on Friday (luckily he lives in Arizona-got a little time) Congrats Andrea-Love you!

Believe it or not, when I see it in writing, it does not seem so bad. Very doable if I focus- oh yeah, that's the hardest part.

I almost forgot the biggest project is Maria's Princess Extravaganza coming up in July. Looks like I may have some long nights ahead of me, because I refuse to miss out on moments like ...


We went to our cousin's quarry and the girls picked me some of these wildflowers.
They matched my summer tablecloth perfectly and were the perfect size for my hanging jars.
I love this tablecloth, I stumbled across it a garage sale last year. It is actually meant for a round table, but I don't care.
I usually have candles in the jars, the flowers are a nice change. And yes, I do have a tree branch hanging from my ceiling.
The kiddos and I also picked some of ..
these yummy mulberries. We all ended up with..
these. It was worth it.

Happy Picking!