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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Heart N.Y.

One of my best friends just had her second baby last week. Her older son in going to be 2 next month. Now, I know a  lot of mother's choose to have their children close together for a good reason, I am not one of those mothers. I think mothers who have children this close in age, are crazy  braver then me.
 We could not wait to get our hands on the little guy. Here he is with my Green M&M. She could not get enough. Being around new babies does put me in the mood to have one, then I go home to my children (who are 5 years apart on purpose) fighting over who gets to turn off the t.v., the mood quickly goes away. So when I say women who have kids close together are braver then me, I mean it. My friend Casey has decided to prove it. She is leaving for New York on Thursday. Why ? Because both her and her husband are originally from there. Let me break this down for you.

Cesarean on Thursday
Released from the hospital on Sunday
Packing and taking care of newborn and 2yr Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Drive to New York (with 1week old, 2 yr. old , 2 dogs and a husband) on Thursday
Did I mention-We Live In Illinois!!!
See what I mean by Crazy Brave.

 I picked up a couple of t-shirts at Goodwill, and made the boys matching hats for the trip.
My friend Shannon showed me a version of these hats. I changed it up a little bit and ended up with these.
Seriously, does it get any cuter?

Now, if only they would stay like this forever.
Happy Babies!!