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Monday, March 8, 2010

Dumpster Diving

The town I work in is about 20 minutes from my home. When I come into town, I pass the local auction house. They host auctions there most Saturday mornings. I never seem to remember until I am passing on my way to work and running late. I still get excited, because I know on my way home all the left overs will be out next to the dumpster. One Saturday I found this wooden ironing board.

Now of course it did not look like this when I found it. I don't have any before photos, sorry.

I started by decoupaging some of my children's art work onto the board. I then sprayed the whole board with some gloss coat. This will help protect the priceless artwork. I had some of those silver magnetic strips from Ikea that I had bought for another project and never used. (happens a lot) I gave those a coat of chalkboard paint and screwed them to the board.
I added some hooks for our keys at the bottom. My husband put wire on the back and did the hanging. I don't like to measure and he doesn't like putting too many holes in the wall. So I usually leave the hanging to him.I think that might be a portrait of me drawn by my son.
The finished product hanging in our kitchen above the antique bench from my mother. I love the way it looks and could have never found a message board cuter or cheaper. Here's one of the artist and what our message board looks like when I don't have it cleared off for blog pictures.
Hope you are inspired to do some dumpster diving!!


  1. I never knew that was an ironing board, how funny! Love it!!

  2. What a great find. If I'm ever lucky enough to come by a cool wood ironing board I am so going to make this!