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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some New Jamas

Hot off the heels of Celebrate the BOY! month is my first refashion for my guy, little A. He is in desperate need of new pajamas, or "jamas", as he likes to call them. He's growing faster than I realized. It dawned on me the other morning when he came into the kitchen wearing what looked like capri pants that maybe it is time for mama to dust of the sewing machine and get to work making some new night clothes. While I was at Goodwill recently I picked up a men's night shirt, size large and a men's robe, also size large. For this first refashion I'm using just the night shirt. Here is the 'before' shot:
My intention was to make him a short-sleeved top with long pants, but there just wasn't enough fabric so these will have to be summertime jamas because I could only eek out the top and shorts. To make the top I used this tutorial from Rae on how to make a toddler shirt from a man's. I had a pattern that included a toddler top so I used that, in a size 4T, as a guide and followed Rae's tut except that I used the collar already on the shirt instead of making my own. I used pattern pieces from Simplicity 2907 to make the shorts in size 3T. Here's how they turned out:Overall, I love how this little project turned out. Here are some reasons why:
1. I repurposed something.
2. It was quick and easy.
3. I made something useful.
4. He really loves it when I sew for him.

However, the next time around I'll be more careful to buy a bigger shirt or possibly a shirt/pant combo so I have more fabric to work with. Also, I need to be more careful about the button placement....he may have some trouble breathing if he buttons that top button. Oops.

Next, I'll try to make a couple pairs of lounge pants from the robe.



  1. Great tutorial Megan. I want to see some pics of A in the jammas.

  2. Petra says jammas, too :) Great job!!

  3. Love them, Megan! Nice and cool for warm summer nights! I just got two vintage girl's patterns. They start at 4T ... but I can't wait to try some little dresses!