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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Maria's Big Day

 Maria started yesterday, like any other day, wearing a new summer dress made by me. I have challenged myself to make her summer wardrobe. I will post outfits as they are finished. Of course this dress if from my favorite pattern, by one of my favorite bloggers. I am trying not to sund like a broken record, but if you are a beginner sewer and would like to make some adorable clothes for your kiddos, try her patterns. They are super easy to follow. I am addicted!! You will notice when I start posting Maria's summer clothes.
 She went on a field trip to Kilgus Family Dairy Farm. Sorry no pictures, I had to work.
 After work Maria and I went to my cousin Kelly's salon to get our hair done.
 Maria getting her hair washed was a little messy. She kept sitting up and getting water all over the floor.
 Now this is not Maria's first haircut, but it is the biggest.
 She made her first locks of love/ donation.
 The big cut, came just in time for those hot summer days.
 I am so proud of her.

 Kelly and Maria showing off her donation.
Here we are this morning before we left for the day showing off our new haircuts. Marcus was our photographer, so Maria was not going to give him the satisfaction of a smile. (by the way, I keep my lipstick in my car, I do not leave my lips that pale all day)
Now if you have a weak stomach skip this last picture.
So, in between the field trip and the haircut, we went to the emergency room for this. Luckily for Maria, she did not need stitches. Can you believe it? She was a trooper didn't cry once at the hospital.
Sorry to leave you with such a gruesome pic. Maria has been carrying them around with her so she doesn't have to stick her tongue out, she just shows off her photos.

Happy Haircuts!!


  1. Love your hair Maria!! Nice tongue too!

  2. i cannot get over how much she looks like you! absolutely adorable! & love your lipstick comment, Liz will appreciate that :)