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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My brother Vinnie is graduating from art school today!! Hooray! I cannot believe I am that old. The kids and I are heading up to the city to attend his ceremony. We are staying until Sunday so probably no post until I get back.

Here is Vinnie and his girlfriend. Sorry Emily it was the recent pic I had.
This is a picture of all three of my little brothers. I love those guys. I am the oldest and the only girl, so I spent a lot of time babysitting. From the left Donnie, Sammy (miss him so much) and Vinnie.

And here we are at a Steve Martin concert. That's my Jason on the far right.

So you might wonder what do you give a super hip guy graduating from The Academy of Art, with a degree on Oil Painting. It's a little intimidating making him anything, because he is a brilliant artist and super creative.
We made...
a wallet out of the kiddos paintings.

I used contact paper to stiffen the paper. I think this would also be a cut Father's Day gift.

Happy Vacation!

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