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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A lot of first.

We have been very busy since we returned from our visit with Megan. I hope to post more pictures soon, but for now a few "first" will have to do.

My Blue M&M had his first football game, which meant my Green M&M needed something to wear. I know some moms get nervous on the day of a game, wondering how their child may do. Not me, I just want a good picture of them looking cute in their uniforms. Just kidding-sort of !

I do think he does look pretty cute. Now because they won't let me make any alterations to his uniform, (Silly rules-what would a couple of appliques hurt? ) I made a dress for my Green M&M to wear. 

Using my LBB pattern I combined some old team shirts a friend of mine had given me. She has 3 boys that have participated in many sports and were willing to part with a few of their old t-shirts.

I have been experimenting with a different collar then the pattern calls for. With fall settling in here, it is nice to have a thicker collar. I think I had 3 mom's ask me to make one for their daughters. Looks like I better round up some more shirts.

Miss Green M&M had her first day of school.

She was very excited to start school.
She also had her first dance class.

I was excited for this. Once again, it is not about how well she does, but how darn cute she looks in her leotard. So there you have our big week of first.
Any first you would like to share?

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  1. I will be going to my first football game of the year soon for blue m and m, and can't wait to see my first recital for green m and m.