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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Subtract one and add two...

..projects to my  list.
I finished one item this weekend, and gained two more. I made a baby gown for Casey. If I was smart, I would have finished something with an earlier deadline. Casey is not due until September and I have several things that I need to make before the end of July. Oh well, I was inspired by this Beetles T-shirt I found on clearance, and I had to go with the inspiration.
Casey loves the Beetles and requested some gowns for the baby. I think she will love this.

Now Casey, I am only posting this because you know I could never have saved it for September. Keeping surprises is something I am not so good at.
Here is another pic, I love the striped sleeves. I cannot wait to see this on the baby.
I will cross that off my list and add the curtains for my grandma and dress requested by my aunt (for her granddaughter). Sleep is so overrated.

The kiddos and I went to our family reunion today. Here are a few photos I had to share.
Unfortunately for the little ones, it rained. Miss Louisa (my cousin Laura's daughter) was so sweet playing in the puddles, until...
my kiddos gave her a lesson on puddle play.
I think her laughter was worth getting her new (handmade by Laura) dress all wet.
Louisa soon got the hang of it.
A little rain isn't going to ruin our party!!
Happy Splashing!

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