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Sunday, May 29, 2011

All about the cake

So my good friend Karla's oldest son graduated from 8th grade this past week, and it was all about the cake. She has held onto a Martha Stewart magazine for 4 years waiting to make this cake.
She made the scrolls from eggs and sugar and rolled them while still hot. The ties are sourpatch candies. Didn't she do a great job?! I made a few decorations for the party as well. Her son went to our local catholic school, so I took some of his worn out uniforms and turned them into a ...
Table Runner

She had a local lady do some embroidery on scraps of the shirts and pants before I worked them into the runner.
I also made this Banner.
Once again we used some of his uniform. The navy pants were a great backdrob for white letters.
Finally, I made some napkins at the last minute ( very last minute- I finished them that morning)
I made 4 of these and each one had a different center design.

Karla is an awesome cook, so there was plenty of food.

Her son of course cared more about hanging out with the guys than all of our cute decorations and awesome cake.

Here we are so proud of ourselves and Cole of course!!!
Happy Celebrating!!

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