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Friday, March 19, 2010

Face Lift

This poor chair really needed a face lift, didn't it? My mom bought me this chair about 3 years ago when Aiden was born. Obviously we got lots of use out of it and I'd like to keep it around longer, but that cover HAD to go. Last weekend I had a huge chunk of time to myself and decided to tackle this project.

The foot rest was finished today after I borrowed my friend's staple gun.

I'm very pleased at how it turned out but think now I should make a pillow or two for my new favorite chair.



  1. Megan, I love the fabric. Great Job. I looks great!!! I like the way the arms turned out.

  2. Gorgeous! I would say that you inspire me to do more at home, but that would be a lie. But you do inspire me to tell my daughters that they can do it. Thanks Megan!!