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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Weekend

This was a gorgeous weekend in Georgia with temps in the mid 70s and lots of sunshine. This is not to rub it in to my family and friends in the Midwest since I hear they got fresh snow recently. I'm just saying we are pretty lucky here and Spring will come for you, too!

We tried to take advantage of the lovely weather by going to the park and playing outside as much as possible. And by doing very little housework.

Part of our weekend tradition is to have an extra special something for Sunday morning breakfast. I love having a long and lazy morning eating something fattening while I drink coffee and Aiden and I read the newspaper together. This morning I made these delicious Cinnamon Roll Muffins.

The recipe is from Joy the Baker's blog, one of my favorite foodie sites. She has tons of recipes here, beautiful photos and she's very funny. Check it out but make sure you have some time because you may be there for a bit.

I also spent a little time this weekend thinking about Easter gifts. We'll decorate eggs and hopefully make some springtime decorations for the house and I'd like to craft a few things to put in Aiden's basket. Sure he'll get a chocolate bunny and maybe a Peep or two but I'd like to surprise him that morning with something else besides candy. Here is a short list of things I'd like to make for my little guy:

1. Drawing notebooks made from cereal boxes using this tutorial.
2. A car caddy like this one.
3. A fishing pole. (This guy's blog is amazing!)

Have you been thinking about Easter, too? What kinds of things will your kiddos get in their baskets?

Hope you all had a nice and easy weekend!

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