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Sunday, April 4, 2010


We spent this Easter weekend trying to make up for missing our family by doing a little crafting and playing. Now that Aiden is starting to pay more attention to holidays, birthdays and traditions in general, I thought it would be fun to introduce him to a few of the things I remember about Easter. Yesterday, we decorated eggs and had a mini hunt around the house.

I also spent the last week or so making some little gifts to put into a basket for him. I started with cereal box notebooks:

I followed this easy tutorial from The Long Thread.

Then, I found Joel's super cool post about fishing and immediately started on that project. Mine turned out pretty cool too, if I do say so myself:
Saturday night Aiden helped me with my first Freezer Paper stencil project.

A Peep T-shirt, inspired by all the awesomeness in Dana's flickr pool.

When Aiden found his basket this morning, though, do you think he wanted to wear his new shirt? Did he want to start fishing? Do you think he started drawing in his homemade notebooks? NOPE! He played with cars. All. Day. Long.

My friend's sweet, sweet son scrounged through his toys and decided to give all the cars and car paraphernalia he doesn't play with anymore to Aiden. I passed them off as gifts from the Easter Bunny, which may have been a big mistake. We'll see next year if he expects as much. :)

Hopefully next year we can spend the weekend with family, enjoying more traditions and each other. Happy Easter all.



  1. Happy Easter Megan and Aiden. We missed you so much. Hopefully we will see you soon!

  2. We missed you tons!!! Love all the goodies in Aiden's basket.

  3. What wonderful hand-made gifts! I made L a peep dress using the same peep pattern! I need to blog it. :) Miss you, Sweeties.

  4. Wow, I should have sent Reilly over to join in with you guys craft session! I love the peep tshirt---heck I would wear that myself. The fishing pole and fish turned out so wonderful. Hey if Aiden grows tired of these things, I will, (clears throat) I mean Reilly will gladly take them off his hands!!!