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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mama's got a new bag

and here she is!!
You guessed it, I used an old t-shirt. I loved this shirt, but unfortunately it did not fit right anymore. I thought about turning it into a dress for Maria, but was so inspired by Dana and Disney's Celebrating Mom post, that I decided to be a little selfish and make a new bag for me-the MOM.

This bag is a great size for
-Library books
-Flea Market Finds

I am working on a tutorial and hope to have it posted later this week. I didn't take pictures as I made this one, so I need to make another. Go figure.
Happy Selfishness


  1. I have plenty of shirt to convert into my grocery bags! I will have them ready for you to pick up next time you stop!

  2. This is my favorite! Anxiously awaiting the tutorial =)