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Friday, May 7, 2010

Can I Keep It?

What do you give your super adorable 22 year old cousin who is moving to Colorado?

A scarf, of course. But not just any scarf, you make her a recycled t-shirt scarf.

She wears scarves all the time, and I'm sure she owns a few. So I had to get creative. This was super easy to make and the possibilities are endless. I can't wait to make one for myself.
I wrapped it up it right away, or I would have worn it to work today.
Yes, it is wrapped in bubble wrap. We get a lot of orders shipped in that stuff at work, and I hate to throw it out. I think it is fun to use as gift wrap.

Happy Wrapping!


  1. It's so cute!! And adorable packaging, as usual. Great way to use up those t-shirt scraps! :) L

  2. Thanks Laura. Hope I didn't talk you ear off last night.

  3. Hey, what about one for your 33 year old friend just for the heck of it?

  4. As soon as I gave it to Brittany she took off the scarf she was wearing and put her new one on!

  5. Hey.. when you start making these to sell.. I better get a phone call! I have already started my christmas shopping and could use a few of these! :)