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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Family Fun Jar...

..put to good use.
The kids have been collecting the change they find around the house and putting it in the "Family Fun Jar". When the carnival came to town last weekend, I found the perfect way to get out of spending my money on the overpriced rides and food. The kids were completely on board with cashing in the change and using it to pay for an evening with the family at the carnival.

Now, I am usually the one on the sidelines with the camera snapping photos, but for some reason I let Jason talk me into riding the rides and he was the one behind the camera for a change. I think his argument went something like this....
"There is no way those rides are meant to support the weight of a grown man."
After riding those swings, I would have to agree.
And by the way, he could never have squeezed his legs in the ride.
Alright, I'll admit it, he didn't have to talk me into this one.
What 9 year old doesn't love bumper cars?
The kids have already started refilling the jar.

Happy Family Fun!!

By the way, Maria is wearing another dress from her refashioned sumer wardrobe.
Women's t-shirt + old pillowcase = cute Top!

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