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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aiden's Not-A-Box

A few weeks ago while we were visiting our library Aiden came across these wonderful books by Antoinette Portis called 'Not a Stick' and 'Not a Box'. Each story is about exciting and imaginative things you can do or make with ordinary objects. Aiden laughed and laughed when we first read them. Here's an animation of his favorite:

The books have also piqued his imagination. So much so that the other day he asked if he could have his own 'not-a-box.'
Well, of course you can, kiddo!!

So I took a box from work and he directed us on how to decorate it.

We painted it red

cut out some spacey sort of shapes

taped them on

and voila

A Rocket Ship Not-A-Box!

He and Polar Bear landed on Toy Planet where they found a huge bucket of cars.
Hope your summer adventures are just as exciting!



  1. Can't wait until I can have an adventure with Aiden!! See you in 8 days!

  2. I love this!
    g'ma jude