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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Made with Love!

After the death of my brother Sam, the local golf course decided to rename their parent child golf outing in his honor. It was held a couple of weeks ago, and I believe it is the biggest turn out they have had for this event ever.
One of Sam's favorite activities was golfing with his family. It is a great way to celebrate his life.
My mom had some really cute t-shirts made for the day, and I of course could not help but make this dress out of one for my Green M&M.

The shirts had photos of my brother golfing on the front.

I found this shirt with golfers on it at my local thrift store. It worked perfect for the back of the dress.
I added some orange polka dot ruffles to the bottom. Everything is cuter with polka dots!!

I think of Sam everyday and miss him so much. It is nice to have a day to celebrate him and the beautiful person he was with others.

My husband golfed with one of our good friends and his son.

There was some intense Tug of War after dinner.

Green M&M and I spent the day with my grandma. We are not golfers.
Happy Memories!


  1. sweet pictures. m's dress is super cute - you do love your polka dots!

  2. So much talent. You must take after your mom!

  3. i love how green looks just like you!
    i know it feels good to have such a huge turn out! :)