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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another week gone!!!!

OK, I know I said was going to post more than once a week. Well, it looks like until school starts, once a week will have to do.

I have been doing some sewing and so have the kiddos.
Green M&M got a new sewing machine and asks everyday if we can sew. I Love It!! She even purchased her first fat quarter bundle. Blue M&M has been making drawstring bags. Pictures of those will come later.

Grandma got him a bird feeder kit. I think he did a great job. It is so nice when he reads the directions and figures it out all by himself.

We have been having such a good time enjoying the last few weeks of summer, I am just not doing a good job documenting all my projects. I promise to get back to craft post soon. For now you are stuck with our summer fun.

Blue M&M also had climbing camp this week. He is having such a great time, I think he would like it to last 2 weeks instead of one.
He has done really well and will probably be talking me into taking him climbing more often. Who knows maybe I will get off my lazy butt and climb too. Although I don't know if I want to be shown up by my 9 year old.

Grandma is coming with to  tomorrow. She is so afraid of heights, she will probably be uncomfortable just watching.

Happy Summer!!


  1. Grandma's eyes started watering just looking at the pictures! Hope I do better tomorrow!!

  2. Looks like you've been having fun. Miss you lots! come and visit.