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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Double Digits

I wanted to post this Sunday, but we were doing this all day.

Unfortunately until the end of March wrestling consumes our Sundays. My Blue M&M turned 10 this past Sunday and here he is celebrating his birthday on the mat.

 I am so proud of this kid- You know when you go to give your kids a hug and you want to squeeze them so tight, but you can't because you could crack a rib. That's the feeling I get, when I think about what a great kid he has become.

He is truly a "free spirit".

With a heart of gold.

I can never get enough of this.

He is an amazing big brother.

And is not too embarrassed to tell me "I Love You" when I drop him off at school.

 I love my Blue M&M- welcome to the Double Digits!!!
Happy Birthday!!

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  1. It brings tears to my eyes to think how fast he is growing up. I am so proud of my Grandson!! He is an amazing 10 year old!!!