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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love to Hate

I cannot believe I have 2 post in one day. This one will be pretty short.
Here are my photos for The Joy of Love class 05: love to hate.
I absolutely love photographing my children, probably as much as they sometimes hate it.

Here is another photo I took for yesterday's class,
what they wear.

I don't know why, but my children would spend all day in their underwear. We are currently in the middle of a blizzard here and my kiddos act like it's summer. They will come in from outside and strip off all of their clothes. Now I know my Green M&M has a nightgown on in this picture, but she usually sports her underwear too.
To prove how serious this really is, here is a picture from our visit to Megan's last summer.

Yes, there they are collecting eggs-IN THEIR UNDERWEAR!!

Just hanging out with some chickens-IN OUR UNDERWEAR!! Yeah I know I could have probably made them put clothes on, but then what would the neighbors talk about?
Happy Weekend!


  1. Ha! Your photos today made me laugh! All the picture snapping drives my daughter crazy as well! She is always yelling "no more" at me! Your "what they wear" is to cute! Who wouldn't want to spend all day everyday in their underwear! haha :)