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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck O' the... French?

O.K. so doesn't every mom stay up all hours of the night making clothes for her child to wear the next day. Of course I was up late last night making Maria a dress to wear to Miss Jenny's today.

I found this shirt with a cute little shamrock and had to use it. The only problem is the other shirt I liked said Paris across the front. I guess the dress will do double duty come Bastille Day.
Once again this is one of my favorite patterns by one of my favorite blogger's.
I love the pink buttons I put on this sleeve. They are a fun pop of color.

Now, I have to throw in a couple of fun pics. We are finally having some spring like weather, which means what? Spring like pictures of course!! I even got to go for a run -yeah. It feels good to stretch out these rusty legs.

Maria enjoying some tunes while the boys play some football. Even our pooch, Gordy, got in on the outdoor fun.

Happy St. Patrick's Day


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