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Monday, April 12, 2010


A few weekends ago as I ran out of supplies to make Aiden's Easter basket goodies I decided to try out a pattern that had been lurking in my stash for a long time. Since Rae is hosting the Spring Top Week competition again this year it seemed like a logical choice to jump from hand embroidering fish to sewing a halter top.

I bought this pattern then hurried to buy the fabric to make it, then hurried home. Two years later a top is made! I'm not sure why it took so long because this is one of the easiest tops (aside from the BBW top, of course) to whip up. Amy's patterns are very easy to follow. She gives very detailed direction each step of the way, I especially liked the way she suggests to sew in the zipper. I'm not generally a huge fan of putting zippers in garments but this was no problem.

The fabric I used is the same that I bought two years ago. Now my wardrobe consists, almost exclusively, of black or brown or very muted green and blue stuff. This wild Hawaiian style print is way outside of my comfort zone but I think it works well for this top. I'm trying to take a page out of my friend Victoria's book by choosing interesting patterns and new styles. What do you think, Vic? :)
The only things I may change the next time I make this top would be to make longer ties and fit the bodice a little better. Overall, though, I think I'll get quite a bit of wear out of this one.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Megan, so lovely! It's practically summer, that fabric is perfect! I am about to whip up some tanks and capris for L... it's hot here too. :)

  2. Very cute! I have been thinking about getting this pattern for myself

  3. Hey Megan, super cute top and I love the print!!! I don't know how I missed this post from over a year a go! But I was looking through my live feed for my site and your blog name popped up so I clicked and up came this post. Wow, happy I didn't get to miss out on seeing this. Nice work:)